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Posted by Sarah porter on Jan 5, 2023 5:31:46 PM
Sarah porter

When I was a child my mother consistently encouraged me to ask the question “But, what if?”

What if things do not have to be that way? What if the outcome could be radically different?

What if what everyone else is saying is real is actually not?

In 2023, InspiredMinds are inviting you to join us in the “what if?”

What if we can be more innovative in a time of crisis?

What if we can make the human condition far, far better through scientific invention?

What if technology can in fact end tribalism in modern day society by allowing us to re-engage eye-to-eye?

What if we say “to hell with the status quo” and imagine a world in which technology and science can transform industries?

Humanity is, by nature a species of survivors and we now have incredible tools at our fingertips to create a brave and bold new world. And, whilst we need to apply pragmatism, we must allow our imagination to reach for idealism. We must aim to innovate higher than ever before, and we do this by working together as a community.

InspiredMinds is now a community of 232,000 technology and science innovators; creatives; rule-makers; rule-breakers; big thinkers and pragmatic doers. We have built this community through our world class summits in AI, in medicine and in climate. 

My vision is that we - you and I - use the power of the inspired minds in our community; to build a blueprint for a brave new world using technology, science and love. Our vision is that we nurture the bold ideas that transform industries, make breakthroughs in curing disease, and that we incubate the brightest ideas. We are going to connect all 232,000 of you in a new way; we are going to invite you to take from our community what you need - and in return, contribute what enables others to succeed.

The hardest step is always the first one you take, so, we are slingshotting you to the result of our vision at our summits. We will then reverse engineer every conceivable outcome we can using the power of AI, emerging technology and science. We are going to do this all year round, as well as at our world class summits you know and love us for. We are calling this InspiredLove.

As you can tell, I am brimming with excitement for this new phase of our journey with you all. All that remains to say is thank you for all the wonderful things you have created with us so far. 2023 is going to be a year of “to hell with the status quo”. Please do join us - after all, an inspired mind is a terrible thing to waste…..Step one - Join our mission

With inspired love,




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Sarah Porter 
Founder, CEO



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World Summit AI 
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19-20 April 2023
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