Creative Destruction Lab's 2023/24 Program Year

Posted by World Summit AI on Jul 11, 2023 4:47:24 PM

Creative Destruction Lab (“CDL”) is a seed-stage program for massively scalable, science- and technology-driven startups. The program takes no equity and charges no fees - it is funded through philanthropy.

At the core of the CDL program is a series of four intensive, full-day summit meetings that take place from fall to next summer where founders meet with a curated group of super-angels, successful tech entrepreneurs, and star scientists to set short-term objectives and raise capital.

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Introducing the start-up Accelerator

Posted by World Summit AI on Jun 22, 2023 11:34:17 AM

Our renowned Start-up City and Innovation Showcase exhibition area has been so successful that we have dedicated a brand new & exclusive space to fuel even more connections at World Summit AI 2023 (11-12 October, Taets Art & Event Park, Amsterdam).

If you’re a start-up, you can be in the centre of the AI ecosystem at World Summit AI this October AND World AI Week by booking a Pod at The Accelerator.

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Speaker interview: Society gets the behaviour it rewards

Posted by World Summit AI on Feb 26, 2020 1:50:31 PM

Jana Novohradska, AI Consultant to Deputy Prime Minister`s Office of Slovakia & Gender Equality Rapporteur CAHAI Council of Europe, is one of the panelists on our 'Governing AI' panel at World Summit AI Americas in Montreal.  We caught up with her ahead of the summit. 

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Are we alone in the universe?

Posted by World Summit AI on Feb 21, 2020 10:05:46 AM

He may only be 13, but Artash Nath has already been working at the interface of space, robotics and artificial intelligence for the last few years, presenting his projects at multiple international conferences. He is interested in deep space exploration and has been applying machine learning models to space challenges, including predicting risk index of an asteroid collision with Earth and detecting atmospheres of exoplanets using simulated data from space telescopes. His ongoing project is on creating curious and intelligent machines that learn by being placed in an immersive environment. They make efforts to understand cause and effect and are not hesitant to ask “why”.

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A Close Look at How AI Is Transforming the In-Store Experience

Posted by Susana Zoghbi on Aug 21, 2019 4:57:13 PM

In just a few years, it will be practically impossible to find a single industry left unaffected by the meteoric rise of Artificial Intelligence.

This disruptive blend of computer science, statistical models, and reasoning with big data is propelling the Fourth Industrial Revolution forward and changing core industries like agriculture, energy and healthcare while also hinting at solutions to a range of modern challenges.

But how is the world of retail using AI to transform the in-store environment to offer superior experiences and achieve higher revenues?

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