AI in control

Posted by Andrew Shefford, Head of IT Internal Audit, KPMG in the UK on Oct 24, 2019 4:40:40 PM

World changing technologies over human history all involve a common element: Control.

The benefits of AI will only fully emerge when algorithms become explainable (and, hence, understandable) in simple language, to anyone.

The trust gap exists because there is no transparency of AI; instead, there is an inherent fear of the unknown surrounding this technology. Gaining trust also involves understanding the lineage of the AI models and protecting them (and data that forms them) from different types of adversarial attacks and unauthorized use. Critical business decisions made by AI affect the brand—and consumer trust in the brand—and they can have an enormous impact on the well-being or safety of consumers and citizens. No one wants to say “because the machine said so.” No one wants to get AI wrong.

This report is for leaders involved in the world of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms. The business and compliance imperative to understand and be confident in AI technologies has reached critical mass. This paper explains the urgency and describes methods and tools that can help leaders govern their AI programs.

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