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Posted by Oracle for Start Ups on Oct 10, 2019 6:56:09 PM

5 Startups Using AI For Altruistic Ends 

A raft of new startups are harnessing AI technology with the intention of solving some of mankind’s biggest injustices. Meet 5 unique global startups that have one thing in common: they are scaling on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in 2019.

Tackling recruitment bias

Brazilian startup Jobecam aims to beat unconscious bias in recruitment. The company uses video technology and intelligent algorithms to rank suitable candidates without any influence from human bias.



Solving the enterprise identity crisis

In 2016, thousands of refugees were pouring into Europe with no means to identify themselves, while government organizations lacked an integrated way to validate and track identities. Karyl Fowler and Orie Steele built Transmute, an identity management application for refugees that is user-centric, secure and traceable. The idea scaled to now solving identity management challenges within enterprise level businesses.


Making scientific progress more possible

By moving traditional analysis and machine learning workloads to the cloud, Molecula enables the world’s leading scientists and engineers to focus on the fundamental research needed to solve complex problems quickly and securely, without expensive and difficult data management.


Making factories safer

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is expected to bring huge efficiency savings for factories, but owners are fearful of machines being hacked. SCADAfence has developed a continuous monitoring system and algorithms to offer real-time detection of malicious activities and deviations from normal behavioral profiles that could threaten the network - including cyber-attacks and non-malicious threats.

Fighting dark marketing

The lack of transparency across dark marketing campaigns makes it hard for rivals to communicate their own message in an equally successful way. BrandTotal shines a light on dark marketing strategies to expose the competition’s targeting, messaging, timing, spend, and creative performance so rivals can adjust their marketing strategy in real-time.

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