AI on the Brink: Shaping the Future of Humanity at #WSAI23

Posted by World Summit AI on May 11, 2023 3:25:44 PM
World Summit AI
This is the sign you've been waiting for.

If you haven't booked your ticket yet for World Summit AI 2023 (11-12 October, Amsterdam Noord), now is time! Our Super Early Bird Tickets end TODAY⏰ 

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Under the theme "AI on the Brink: Shaping the Future of Humanity" this year's summit underscores the pivotal role of artificial intelligence in shaping our shared destiny. It serves as a catalyst for advancing the AI ecosystem, promoting ethical deliberations, and exploring the ramifications of the rapid advancements in generative AI. 


//early preview of the 2023 line-up
We stage the world leaders, pioneers and change makers; OVER 200 AI Brains

Here’s a preview of our outstanding speakers:

🧠 Divya Chander, Neuroscientist, Futurist, Physician, Consciousness Researcher 

🧠 Jamie Metzl, Leading Tech Expert and Healthcare Futurist, Author of 'Hacking Darwin'

🧠 Steve Chien, JPL Fellow, Senior Research Scientist, Artificial Intelligence, Autonomous Systems, NASA

🧠 Saeed Contractor, Global Head of the Intelligent Automation COE, UBER,

🧠 Renée Cummings, AI Ethicist, Criminologist, Data Activist in Residence & Professor of Data Science, University of Virginia

🧠 Michael Sanders, Vice President of Creative Technology, Activision Blizzard

🧠 Huub Janssen, Chair of Dutch and of European Working Group of Competent Authorities on AI, Dutch Authority on Digital Infrastructure

(Just to name a few!)

//watch the official trailer

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World Summit AI 
11-12 October 2023
Amsterdam, Netherlands
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