AI: The next step for optimizing your product and customer experience

Posted by Solvemate on Sep 19, 2018 4:49:44 PM

When selling any product, it’s important to consider your customers’ experience in comparison with other products or services—even if they’re completely unrelated.

“The last best experience anyone has anywhere,” writes IBM’s user experience expert Paul Papas, “becomes the minimum expectation for the experience they want everywhere.”

Learn about customers with AI

AI promises any business to bring its customer experience up to par with the most innovative companies. How? By continually learning about customers and their preferences and thereby making their experience seamless.



Netflix, for instance, uses artificial intelligence for its recommendation engine that has wowed subscribers with its accuracy. They became one of the dominant entertainment companies in the world by learning to understand their customers’ viewing habits and making it trivial to start watching.

Customers now reasonably expect products and services elsewhere to be selected for them—and to be accessible just as easily.

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Chatbots can do the heavy lifting for you

Many companies have already understood and started moving in the right direction: A recent survey by retail management firm BRP Consulting found that 45% of retailers are expected to increase the use of artificial intelligence for customer experience in the next three years.

Some have already started. Skiing equipment company Black Diamond relies on AI to determine which products it should push to shoppers. Using environmental data and insights about buying history, its website serves tailored product recommendations for each visitor.

Meanwhile, cosmetics brand Sephora uses a chatbot to interact with its customers and prompt them to fill out a survey, allowing them to create a custom offering.


In fact, chatbots can do the heavy lifting in data collection: Support chatbots, for instance, don’t just help customers but also gather data and insights: Since they automatically interact with customers thousands of times per day, they allow businesses to recognize which part of their customer experience causes an increase in requests—and consequently needs adjusting.


Don’t let the hype fool you

AI is often portrayed as an almost magic problem-solver. In reality it is just another tool businesses can use to put their customers first and improve their experience. AI can help you better understand your customers and successfully improve all their touch points that you offer.

Not being fooled by the hype surrounding AI means considering it as a tool rather than a remedy and to use it smartly to create happier customers—and with it better retention and new business.

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