AI: Your New Best Colleague or Employee

Posted by Solvemate on Sep 19, 2018 4:40:18 PM
AI is more than just a buzz word: In the workplace, we’re already seeing it affect major transformations.

Smart AI applications can automate some of the most tedious aspects of many professions. Because of that, it has the potential to improve both employees’ lives and a company’s bottom line.

Nevertheless, many people are still scared that AI will make many jobs redundant or prevent hires in the first place. We believe the opposite is true—and it helps to consider AI as a kind of employee itself.

AI helps employees do their best work

Admittedly, it’s difficult to equate a a technology’s ability to that of a human. But think about the way teams work together in an ideal scenario: They don’t just support each other, their skills also complement each other.


AI can play that role, and in that light, it’s actually natural to view it as a helpful colleague. Algorithms can be far more powerful than humans in big-data analysis or pattern recognition—or help with efficient production or customer support.

Available around the clock, they can also take care of simplistic or plain boring work.

Rather than taking over their work, AI is meant to assist humans while they spend more time on less repetitive tasks that can’t be automated.

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AI creates values for employers

From an employer’s standpoint, AI is just as big of an opportunity. By that I don’t mean supplanting employees with an AI technology but rather building the tools that make their work more pleasant, less repetitive, and thereby ultimately more valuable. Already today, AI tools allow for automatic phone call transcription, high-quality translations, or process automation.



Not only does strategic automation give you a more motivated staff, it also helps attract new talent if your company relies on AI in the workplace for employer branding and promotes initiatives like reducing repetitive tasks, building and developing innovation departments, and others.

For some companies, it might even make sense to hire a dedicated AI specialist to explore the potentials the technology can unlock. That may sound expensive at first but will quickly pay for itself: Leveraging AI can greatly improve operating potential.


Apply AI, put people first

The easiest way to cut through the hype surrounding AI is to apply the technology in a real-life context. Not only does that expose its true value, it also shows that many of the fears surrounding AI are unfounded as long as the technology is applied in a way that puts people first.

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