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Posted by World Summit AI on Apr 23, 2020 4:41:13 PM
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Artificial Solutions® (SSME:ASAI), the leading specialist in enterprise-strength conversational AI, launched Tiva, a business-focused, artificially intelligent virtual assistant to allow public and private sector organizations to rapidly deploy much needed automated HR and IT support to employees working remotely due to the COVID19 pandemic.

Free to customers, Tiva is designed specifically to help organizations cope with the bombardment of requests and queries from their employees forced to work from home at short notice. The digital employee removes the pressure on HR and IT departments by allowing staff to easily find the answer to a wide range of business-related issues such as setting up a hotspot, cancelling approved leave or finding out if bonuses will still be paid, simply by asking Tiva.



Enterprises can easily tailor responses to ensure they align directly with the individual policies of each organization and integration into back end systems is possible to enable Tiva to carry out company specific requests and queries. Employee access to Tiva can be made over a wide number of channels such as webchat, IVR and Microsoft Teams in multiple languages and the application can be adapted to ensure privacy rights are respected.

Tiva comes preloaded with a wide variety of HR and IT dialogues with information that enterprises can quickly tune to suit their specific requirements, either by using the knowledge helper or by dynamically reusing existing data sources. Just like any other Teneo based natural language application, the chatbot is contextually aware of the conversation and is able to handle follow-up questions, interruptions and task switching. Other features such as using existing enterprise authentications and user identification allows Tiva to deliver personalized responses to questions based on specific inputs or location.

“Tiva is our response to urgent requests from customers asking how we can help take pressure off limited internal resources by providing much needed HR and IT support to employees unexpectedly confined to their homes across different time zones,” says Lawrence Flynn, CEO of Artificial Solutions. “Developed in just a couple of weeks by our own teams collaborating from their respective homes, the conversational AI application is fully customizable. We estimate that enterprises already familiar with the Teneo platform can be up and running with this highly intelligent and capable app in a matter of days.”

The intelligent virtual assistant also enables businesses to gain a greater understanding of the main issues affecting employees, without impacting on employee confidentiality and data protection requirements. Tiva’s dedicated analytics tools includes at-a-glance management information dashboards with the ability to drill down to granular level to understand what’s going on in depth. Using this information, organizations can implement additional training or other HR processes to help employees even further.

Tiva, short for Teneo Intelligent Virtual Assistant, was developed in record-time using Artificial Solutions’ award-winning conversational AI development platform Teneo®. As a technology company with a culture even before the pandemic of working across multiple geographies, offices and at home, developing the content to provide a broad base of topics that employees are likely to ask was an easy task. Using Teneo’s advanced automated maintenance tools, enterprises will be able to easily build upon and expand Tiva’s knowledge specifically to their business, as well as receive general updates from Artificial Solutions.

Already available in several languages including English, Swedish, Spanish and German, the flexible nature of Teneo allows enterprises to further scale the use of Tiva across additional languages and channels, now and in the future. Other enterprise features such as version control, roll back capabilities and user roles to manage collaboration are included as standard.

“Tiva isn’t just another dumb chatbot spouting COVID19 advice. It fulfils a vital need for enterprises forced to adopt a work from home strategy almost overnight with no infrastructure to support the vast number of queries and issues employees are encountering,” says Andy Peart, CMSO of Artificial Solutions. “With the introduction of Tiva, we hope at least to ease some of that pain by allowing employees to easily find answers to questions they have anytime of day, allowing the HR and IT departments to focus on more complex issues. It’s our way of saying to customers let us help you help your staff.”

Tiva is available now. For more information please visit: or You can view a webcast about TIVA here:




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