Rennan Tilbury

Rennan Tilbury
Rennan is a philosophy student currently reading philosophy at Durham University with a particular focus on Philosophy of Consciousness and Critical Theory. His work on A.I. focuses on ethical interactions both interpersonally surrounding A.I. and on ethical treatment of A.I.

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Prejudice in A.I.

Posted by Rennan Tilbury on Aug 29, 2019 8:30:00 AM

Over the past 25 years, computers have slowly encroached into the domain of human intellect, the machines first victory was in 1997 when Kasparov lost to Deep Blue at Chess1. Since then A.I. have continued to expand the games they can beat us at, from Go to Poker, and Shogi to Starcraft2. These achievements of machine learning, whilst shockingly impressive, are in stark contrast to the failures of A.I. in the real world.

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Topics: AI, AI Platforms, Data, Machine Learning