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Posted by World Summit AI on Jul 14, 2022 10:20:14 AM
World Summit AI

Have you been affected by the recruitment and retention challenges facing our industry? Is your team meeting its potential? How could you be doing better?

Are you thinking about how to hold onto your hard-won talent? Have you considered leaving your job or changing your career path lately?

If you have nodded affirmatively to any of these questions, we recommend some Continuous Professional Development - in the form of…The Talent Lab at World Summit AI in Amsterdam!

We’re kicking off by tackling the most daunting HR challenge of recent times: 
 The Great Resignation’. 
Across sectors, across functions, and across silos, the world of work has dramatically shifted. Indeed, so has how we fundamentally relate to work. According to Microsoft's 2021 Work Trend Index (published in March 2021), 41% of people were likely to consider leaving their jobs within the year. That is an alarmingly high number, especially for anyone who runs a business or manages a team, and the tech sector sits at the higher end of that average. The rate of workforce churn in AI is wild.  
So, what’s the solution? Lock in new ways of working? Look to the future, recruiting Gen Z and Gen A to find a competitive edge? Integrate wellbeing practices as standard? Or perhaps find new and innovative ways to engage the disenfranchised?
All of the above? Maybe, maybe not. There is a LOT to discuss and debate…
Talent will always be a hot topic - we certainly do not have all the answers yet and are open to all ideas. 
Including a universal switch to a 4-day week.
For many, it is a generally positive inevitability. For others, it is highly controversial and unworkable. And for some in the middle, it misses the point entirely. Are you for it or against it? I’d love to hear from you at the big debate (yes, I’m hosting this one!), which is all part of our brand new Talent Lab program
Peter Barden
Director of Content, World Summit AI

World Summit AI

12-13 October 2022

Taets Art and Event Park | Amsterdam Noord

PS. World Summit AI is certified for Continuous Professional Development (CPD)! Across 2 days, that’s a lot of CPD points…

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