Engineering #AI Change with Omdena

Posted by World Summit AI on May 8, 2023 2:33:13 PM
World Summit AI

Have you heard about our partner- Omdena
Omdena is a platform helping mission-driven organizations and startups build impactful AI solutions through global collaboration and empowering AI engineers worldwide to become change makers. Over 15000 AI Engineers from 118 countries have been part of Omdena projects, building impact-driven solutions for 180+ organizations. Omdena also has local chapters in 155+ locations across 70 countries. 
Omdena's vision is, by 2030, to help 1 million people upskill to get jobs and positively affect 1 billion people through various projects.
Omdena undertakes numerous projects that tackle real-world issues through collaboration among teams comprising up to 50 AI engineers and data scientists who work together to create practical solutions.
🚀 Here are some upcoming Omdena real-world projects to apply now!
👉Building a Multi-Platform Wellness Content Delivery System Using Machine Learning

👉 Tackling Deforestation in Tanzania with AI: A Mangrove-focused Pilot Project for National Carbon Monitoring

👉 Enhancing Welding Processes Using Machine Learning-Based Defect Analysis


If that's not all, check out the Omdena Project and Real-Life Challenges


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