Exploring the future of AI with Sako Arts, CTO And Co-founder, FruitPunch AI

Posted by World Summit AI on Oct 1, 2023 10:34:25 PM
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Ahead of World Summit AI (11th-12th October 2023, Taets Art & Event Park, Amsterdam), we asked Sako Arts, CTO And Co-founder, FruitPunch AI, his thoughts on the future of AI.

As an expert in the field, what critical challenges do you believe the AI community needs to address to ensure responsible & and ethical AI deployment?

Yes we need to focus on training the Engineers in such a way that they take partial responsibility. They need to know what impact their work can make and look for positions where this is done ethically, starving out those companies that don't due to a lack of engineers.

How has AI impacted your specific field of expertise, and what transformative changes do you foresee in the near future?
We teach AI in a Challenge base manner, so the solutions to Challenges change radically with the movement of tech. Recently we have solved some Challenges with GenAI which would have been practically unsolvable a year ago.
How do you envision AI shaping various industries, and what advice would you give to businesses seeking to integrate AI into their operations?
For most it makes little sense to develop their own AI. They need to make sure that their workers have access to the right tools and know how to use them. With ChatGPT like systems this has became relevant for all type of employees not only engineers.
In your opinion, what opportunities and challenges does AI present for job markets and workforce development worldwide?

We will se another move of automation where repetitive an simple creative jobs are taken over. However this frees up more human capacity for more complex and human tasks.
Can you share an example of an AI application or project that has personally impressed you, and explain why it stands out?
I'm eagerly awaiting multimodal GenAI. I really believe that adding different modalities of data will make AI come even closer to human performance.
What measures do you believe should be taken to bridge the AI research gap between developed and developing nations to ensure equitable technological progress?
Free online Challenge Based Learning programs. 
What 2 people do you admire most in the world of AI in terms of their work?
Thomas Wolf
Demis Hassabis
What advice would you give to aspiring AI researchers and enthusiasts who want to make a positive impact in the field?
Join FruitPunch AI of course!
If you could solve any global problem in the world with AI, what would it be and why?
Free up time of field researchers that spend countless hours on mundane tasks instead of doing the important work they can and want to do.
What inspired you to participate in this AI summit as a speaker, and what message do you hope to convey to the audience?
We've been part of WSAI as the AI for Good partner for some time now and we strive to bring more of this in every edition!

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