World-leading AI in medicine summit announces its debut in Montréal at World Summit AI Americas in partnership with SAIIL

Posted by World Summit AI on Jan 12, 2023 12:35:53 PM
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The world’s leading AI in medicine summit, Intelligent Health, has announced its debut in Montréal at World Summit AI Americas in partnership with SAIIL. 

SAIIL, the Surgical Artificial Intelligence and Innovation Laboratory in the Department of Surgery at Massachusetts General Hospital focuses on the use of artificial intelligence to reimagine the way surgery is performed.

World Summit AI Americas (April 19th-20th 2023, Montréal, Canada), the world's leading AI summit for the Americas, is thrilled to welcome Intelligent Health and SAIIL as Content Partner for Day 2 of the Intelligent Health Track on 20th April, which will be editorially curated by Ozanan Meireles, Surgeon at Massachusetts General Hospital; Director MGH Surgical Artificial Intelligence and Innovation Laboratory (SAIIL); Assistant Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School, a globally-renowned expert in this sector.


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With a line-up of some of the top global names in health tech, Intelligent Health will focus on translating technological innovations and scientific insights into partnerships and programs that improve patient outcomes and streamline healthcare to alleviate increasing pressure on facilities and resources.

‘It’s about time we disrupt the status quo and truly embrace the power of innovation in the future of medicine. By uniting the brightest minds in medicine and the pioneers of AI - we can change the course of humanity’ says, Sarah Porter, Founder & CEO, InspiredMinds! and World Summit AI. 

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