Posted by World Summit AI on Apr 5, 2019 4:20:59 PM
World Summit AI

Tell us about XTREME-D. What kind of solutions do you provide for the current AI market?

We are a Tokyo based HPC cloud company established on Februrary 2015. Our flagship product XTREME-Stargate is a bare metal service aimed at traditional high performance computing applications, as well as AI and high performance data analytics (HPDA). We just announced Gen2 of this service on April 3. Read announcement 

What kinds of benefits can customers enjoy when using XTREME-Stargate?

XTREME-Stargate™ G2 service is advantageous by providing latest hardware, software and data sets all in one-stop-service, which allow users to process their workload immediately. Also, by including Singularity, users can use not only commercial applications but also bring in their workload as BYOE (Bring Your Own Environment) jobs.

Which Industries or markets do you focus on?

We do not have particular focus on industry or market but instead our product is customizable
so we are happy to recieve requests on hardware and software requirements.
Gaussian16 and Gauss View 6 are now available in our latest XTREME-Stargate™ G2 service so it would be an ideal platform for life science customers.



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