It’s time to face the future

Posted by World Summit AI on Feb 7, 2023 3:57:46 PM
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We are next-level excited to announce that the Technology Futurist, Geopolitics Expert, Entrepreneur and Sci-Fi Novelist of the world renowned book Hacking Darwin, Jamie Metzl, will headline at World Summit AI 2023 - the world’s greatest AI stage (11th-12th October, Amsterdam).

It’s time to face the future

The next phase in human evolution is happening right now. And it’s not taking place, as many presume, in the digital sphere nor even our external reality but in the literal foundations of our innermost being: our DNA.

For such a significant crossroads in humankind’s development, the conversation has largely gone unnoticed, overlooked, or even, at times, shunned.

Jamie squared


Instead of allowing major advances in genetic engineering to be a guarded and complex secret among a knowing few, healthcare futurist, geopolitical expert, and novelist Jamie Metzl is on a mission to demystify the science and bring this conversation out into the open.




His belief?

Everyone deserves to know what is going on in the world of genetics. And more importantly, everyone deserves a say. 

Known for his unrelenting search for the truth, Jamie will take the stage at World Summit AI 2023 to discuss the transformative trajectory of humankind - how we got here, where we’re heading, and how to collectively steer this genetic ship, in what is to be a mindblowing but cautious tale of our impending, man-made evolution.

Join Jamie and the world’s brightest AI Brains to tackle head-on the most burning AI issues and set the global AI agenda in Amsterdam this October.

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