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Posted by World Summit AI on Apr 12, 2023 3:31:52 PM
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Kevin Pereau, founder and principal of TranscendIT Health, is using AI to improve healthcare outcomes and create a framework for making personal health data actionable. While acknowledging the potential of AI, Pereau emphasizes the importance of considering its impact on society and addressing real-world problems. He shares his thoughts on the most important issues related to AI in business and society, and his personal goals for the upcoming WSAI Series.


If you could solve any global problem in the world with AI, what would it be and why?

I would create a framework by which we could make our personable health data actionable, What good is all this innovation if it doesn't lead to better health outcomes.


What do you think are the 3 most important things for businesses in relation to AI at the moment?

1) Establish the value of your use case.

2) Make sure AI does not perpetuate or validate existing biases.

3) Make sure it is affordable & available to all

Kevin Pereau

What do you think are the 3 most important things for humanity in relation to AI at the moment?
  1. Recognize that this is generation 1.0
  2. Be open to AI but also be careful and wary.
  3. Constantly ask yourself a simple does this help me?


How do you think AI will make its biggest mark in the next 5/10/20 years?

AI's beachhead will be in repetative analysis of images like MRIs and X-Rays. Beyond that, there is an enormous opportunity in healthcare to create an interpretive AI driven anylysis layer that can help us recognize bad health triggers to help us manage our Next Best Actions.


What advice would you give to executives as they determine how best to employ AI across their business?

Be sensible. Start small with a well defined problem you are solving.


What’s driving today’s progress in AI?

In healthcare, it is all ab out how to better manage physician burnout. Taking the repetive analysis (imaging) allows physicians to operate at the top of their license.


What will take AI capabilities to the next level?

Like ChatGTP, it will be an intuitive, consumer interface that takes AI usage to the next level. 10+ years and $200B invested in digital health technologies and there is still no way of aggregating the data to provide actionable insights to those who are sharing the data.


What 2 people to do you admire most in the world of AI in terms of their work?
  1. Dr. Eric Topol
  2. Rajeev Ronanki


Why did you choose to present at the WSAI Series this year?:

AI is incredibly misunderstood. Everyone is understadably fearful but the potential benefit is off the charts. We need to define and deliver solutions that solve real world problems and are easy to use.


What are your personal goals from the summit?

Helping the Summit in any way I can.


What are you most excited about taking part in the WSAI Series?

Meeting other thought leaders


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