What's new at World Summit AI in 2022

Posted by World Summit AI on Jun 16, 2022 1:10:19 PM
World Summit AI

There are only 4 months to go until the global AI ecosystem gathers in Amsterdam for the AI reunion of the year World Summit AI, and World AI Week - the world's only week dedicated to AI.

For its 6th anniversary, World Summit AI returns to Amsterdam for a bigger, better and bolder adventure through the realms of AI.

Our Director of Content, Peter Barden, gets into some of the highlights of this years’ program below:


What's new in 2022

Moonshot Mothership

The term ‘moonshot’ is surrounded by buzz and hype - and it is easy to understand why: we are talking about people and organisations that are not simply trying to change the world by 10%, but by 1,000%.

It is one thing to launch a moonshot - anyone can say they are doing this - and it is quite another to land one. We have been on the scout for those that sit in the latter camp.

And so here we are introducing: Moonshot Mothership - a brand new platform for InspiredMinds! that will kick-off the Main Stage on Day 1, featuring radically ambitious visionaries who are innovating at breakneck speed to deliver world-defining AI applications.

Ever wondered how on Earth we have managed to get a fully autonomous self-driving laboratory kicking about on Mars? Well, now you do not have to wonder, because Vandi Verma who is the Chief Engineer of Robotic Operations for Mars 2020 at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory at NASA will be with us in person to explain. That is one hell of a moonshot.

"You can't pre-business-plan a moonshot any more than you can paint a masterpiece via colour-by-numbers given to you by a committee." Astro Teller


The Talent Lab Zone


Across sectors, across functions, and across silos, the world of work has dramatically shifted since early 2020. Companies - especially in the world of tech - are struggling to attain or sustain sufficient human resources to keep up with the exponential pace of AI evolution.

We are spending an enormous amount of time and money attracting the best talent, only to often lose that talent after a relatively short amount of time through various pervasive cracks. These leaks may be associated with the way we work, the quality of our jobs, how the culture and mission of the company is manifest (or lacking), whether career progression is proactively mapped out (or not), how much a company puts its stock in the wellbeing of its employees, the further education of its employees - there is a lot to dig in to.

To help our community address the dual challenges of a global talent shortage and ‘The Great Resignation’ we have been building The Talent Lab - more than just a stage, it is a zone, a space where we will have powerful speakers talking about these shifting sands of human resource in the context of tech, a future-makers job fair, and a couple of mind-expanding, hands-on technical challenges.

Looking after and nurturing our people is absolutely essential. If we can get that right, we really can do anything.


FruitPunch AI


Speaking of hands-on technical challenges, we are very excited about this one… Maybe a bit over-the-top giddy, in fact.


A few months ago we were put onto a small yet brilliant (and rapidly rising star) - FruitPunch AI. This Dutch hacker collective is on a mission to save the world with cutting-edge AI applications, and do it in a way that we can all be a part of. Oooff, yes!


We’re bringing FruitPunch AI into The Talent Lab to run #AI4Good Impact Sessions. This is where you can kickstart an AI solution for the sustainability outcomes that YOU care about. The goal? Working with raw, real data sets, we turn ideas and inspiration into practical propositions that can be deployed in the real world with real nonprofits to make a real impact.


Told you it was good.😉


PS: You will need to sign up in advance for this experience and we expect it to be incredibly popular so sign up to our newsletter and keep an eye out for announcements!


Can’t wait to see you all in Amsterdam this October.




World Summit AI

12-13 October 2022

Taets Art and Event Park | Amsterdam Noord


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