World Summit AI Americas Welcomes Mila as Content Partner

Posted by World Summit AI on Feb 14, 2023 5:01:30 PM
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Mila - Québec Artificial Intelligence Institute, the world’s largest deep learning research institute, is proud to announce its participation in World Summit AI Americas (19th – 20th April, Montréal, Canada) as content partner to the conference.  

Mila will bring its academic expertise to the world-renowned AI conference, offering first-rate headliners and panels to an international audience.

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Yoshua Bengio, Mila Founder and Scientific Director and Turing prize winner, will deliver the opening remarks on the state of AI in 2023 and on the challenges and opportunities that come with a rapidly changing technological landscape. 





Canada is a major global player in the field of AI research and hundreds of world-class researchers are doing ground-breaking work in Montréal while striving to fulfil social and technological needs of today and tomorrow in an ethical and responsible way. 

AI, which has been part of our daily lives for about ten years, is a technology that will be the basis of important developments for researchers, businesses and citizens in the years to come. Areas such as health, environment and education will see great advances thanks to AI. Companies, organizations and governments therefore have a responsibility to listen, invest and provide guidance around this technology and we can be proud to have here in Quebec and in Canada one of the most dynamic ecosystems in the world in this matter”  Yoshua Bengio 


Join Yoshua and the world’s brightest AI Brains to tackle head-on the most burning AI issues and set the global AI agenda in Montréal this April.


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Global AI events calendar 2023

World Summit AI Americas
19-20 April 2023
Montréal, Canada
World Summit AI 
11-12 October 2023
Amsterdam, Netherlands
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