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Posted by World Summit AI on Feb 17, 2023 10:35:28 AM
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There's only 9 WEEKS TO GO until the global AI ecosystem gathers in Montréal for World Summit AI Americas (19th – 20th April, Montréal, Canada) and we are excited for you to deep dive into the 2023 Programme.

For its 5th edition, World Summit AI Americas returns for a bigger, better, bolder adventure through the realms of AI.

So…what’s new in 2023?



>> Headliner Thought-Leadership Stage featuring
Yoshua Bengio, Canada CIFAR AI Chair;  Full Professor, Samsung AI; Professor, Université de Montréal; Scientific Director, Mila & IVADO
Carol Reiley, CEO and Mother of Robots
Dr Luc Julia, Chief Scientific Officer, Renault Group

Dr Athina Kanioura, Chief Strategy and Transformation Officer, PepsiCo  


>> AI in Enterprise // focusing on real-life AI in action stories from globally-recognized corporates leading the way with innovation adoption 


>> Deep-Dive Tech Talks // in partnership with Mila, covering breakthroughs in generative AI and large language models, neural networks, evolutionary computation, robotics, NLP, ML and so much more!


>> Intelligent Health Track // in partnership with SAIIL, focusing on translating technological innovations and scientific insights into partnerships and programs that improve patient outcomes and streamline healthcare to alleviate increasing pressure on facilities and resources. 


>> Innovation Insights // showcasing the most disruptive AI tech companies of tomorrow, who are innovating at pace and creating entirely new models for AI application 


>> Workshops // Join our hands-on, interactive workshops to gain insights and practical top tips to take home and apply to your business practices

Mila will bring its academic expertise to the world-renowned AI conference, offering first-rate headliners and panels to an international audience.



Computational Collective Surgical Consciousness Artificial Intelligence will be an integral part of surgery in the near future. The use of computer vision and advanced machine learning techniques can change how operations will be performed by allowing surgeons to contribute to and benefit from the knowledge of their colleagues worldwide, conceptually creating a computational collective surgical consciousness. This would enhance surgeon’s skill acquisition and cognitive performance with the potential to mitigate intraoperative adverse events, improve patient care, and reduce health care costs.

Dr Ozanan Meireles, Surgeon, Massachusetts General Hospital; Assistant Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School; Co-Founder and Director, Surgical Artificial Intelligence and Innovation Laboratory (SAIIL), Massachusetts General Hospital


Harnessing the power of AI to improve the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity and ecosystem services in a rapidly changing and resource-limited world Constanza Gomez Mont, Founder, C Minds and AI for Climate; 2021-2022 Chair, AI for Humanity Global Future Council, World Economic Forum


Why Artificial intelligence doesn't exist…yet! Despite a chaotic history and the fact that the discipline has existed since the 1950s, "Artificial Intelligence" made a huge comeback in the last decade. But as it stands, this "Artificial Intelligence" brings its share of unrealistic promises worthy of the best Hollywood films, allowing a few charlatans to make us believe that the machines could one day take power and reduce us to almost nothing. But will these potential hazards make us run the risk of abandoning all research in this field and threaten advances in disciplines such as machine learning or deep learning, while they are still in their infancy, and can still offer so much more to humanity...

Dr Luc Julia, Chief Scientific Officer, Renault Group


How AT&T’s Robotic Process Automation is transforming the game Dhruval Shah, Director of Intelligent Automation, Chief Data Office, AT&T


Team World Summit AI


Global AI events calendar 2023

World Summit AI Americas
19-20 April 2023
Montréal, Canada
World Summit AI 
11-12 October 2023
Amsterdam, Netherlands
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