NEW: WSAI23 Headliner Revealed

Posted by World Summit AI on Jun 7, 2023 4:41:55 PM

We are over the moon to announce that the globally renowned AI expert Dr Kai-Fu Lee, Founder, Chairman and CEO, Sinovation Ventures, President, Sinovation Ventures Artificial Intelligence Institute, Founding President, Google China, Author of 'AI 2041' and bestselling 'AI Superpowers', will headline at World Summit AI 2023 (11th-12th October, Amsterdam).

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AI on the Brink: Shaping the Future of Humanity at #WSAI23

Posted by World Summit AI on May 11, 2023 3:25:44 PM
This is the sign you've been waiting for.

If you haven't booked your ticket yet for World Summit AI 2023 (11-12 October, Amsterdam Noord), now is time! Our Super Early Bird Tickets end TODAY⏰ 

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Engineering #AI Change with Omdena

Posted by World Summit AI on May 8, 2023 2:33:13 PM

Have you heard about our partner- Omdena
Omdena is a platform helping mission-driven organizations and startups build impactful AI solutions through global collaboration and empowering AI engineers worldwide to become change makers. Over 15000 AI Engineers from 118 countries have been part of Omdena projects, building impact-driven solutions for 180+ organizations. Omdena also has local chapters in 155+ locations across 70 countries. 
Omdena's vision is, by 2030, to help 1 million people upskill to get jobs and positively affect 1 billion people through various projects.
Omdena undertakes numerous projects that tackle real-world issues through collaboration among teams comprising up to 50 AI engineers and data scientists who work together to create practical solutions.
🚀 Here are some upcoming Omdena real-world projects to apply now!
👉Building a Multi-Platform Wellness Content Delivery System Using Machine Learning

👉 Tackling Deforestation in Tanzania with AI: A Mangrove-focused Pilot Project for National Carbon Monitoring

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The hottest topics in AI that you cannot miss

Posted by World Summit AI on May 3, 2023 4:47:15 PM

From the extraordinary Role of the AI in Space Mission; to unlocking the secrets of using archive content to construct immersive virtual worlds that defy imagination- Get ready to witness the awe-inspiring transformation of humankind as we set the stage for a future unlike anything you've ever seen at World Summit AI 2023 (11th-12th October, Amsterdam Noord).

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Journée AWS à Québec

Posted by World Summit AI on May 3, 2023 11:29:24 AM

Pursue the conversation on the art of the possible redefined through AI on Tuesday, May 16, 2023 at the Journée AWS à Québec.

You will have the opportunity to attend free conferences in collaboration with several Canadian companies from different industries including BrainBox AI and CAE, as well as the Head of AI/ML, World Wide Public Sector at Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Please note that this event will be held in French. As a result, the registration page and related communications will only be available in French.

Here is a preview of what you can expect:

The art of the possible
👉Sustainability and scalability: how cloud technology can help save our planet
👉The talent crisis and the value of AWS certifications for organizations
👉The new security tools at your disposal and cybercrime protection
👉Enhance your applications with artificial intelligence (AI)
👉How open data, satellite images, and AI can support sustainable development projects

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Making AI Trustworthy with Pamela Gupta

Posted by World Summit AI on Apr 27, 2023 10:36:23 AM

Pamela Gupta, WSAIAM23 Speaker and CEO and Co-President of Trusted AI™, an OutSecure Inc company and AI Cybersecurity Chair at IEEE, shares her insights on the importance of trustworthy AI and its potential to solve global problems.

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AI's Next Big Move: Victor Pereboom reveals the Revolution of Healthcare & AI's Impact on our lives in the next 20 Years

Posted by World Summit AI on Apr 19, 2023 10:40:22 AM

Discover how AI is transforming healthcare and business models in this exclusive interview with Victor Pereboom, Co-Founder and CTO at UbiOps. Victor shares his insights on the potential impact of AI in diagnosis and personalized medicine, and emphasizes the importance of ethical practices in AI development. Learn about the future of AI and its role in our daily lives as Pereboom predicts a "cognitive revolution" in the next two decades.

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Everything you need to get around at World Summit AI Americas 2023

Posted by World Summit AI on Apr 18, 2023 9:28:24 PM

First up, you need to know that our awesome AI-powered Networking Event app is now LIVE! 🎉

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Revolutionizing Accessibility: How AI is transforming the lives of those with hearing disabilities

Posted by World Summit AI on Apr 18, 2023 6:42:34 PM

Naeem Komeilipoor, Founder and CTO of AAVAA, is a leading figure in the world of AI who believes in utilizing AI to improve the lives of people with disabilities and hearing difficulties. In this Q&A, Naeem shares his thoughts on the most important things for businesses and humanity in relation to AI, as well as how he believes AI will make its biggest impact in the next 5/10/20 years. He also provides valuable advice for executives on how to best employ AI across their business and shares his personal goals for the upcoming World Summit AI Americas Series.

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Global R&D Tax Incentives: The Benchmark 2023 by Ayming

Posted by World Summit AI on Apr 14, 2023 3:57:07 PM

Ayming has leveraged its global R&D tax expertise to create an annual independent review of R&D incentive programs around the world called The Benchmark. This report is a simple way to compare international R&D Tax programs and it is an easy-to-understand overview of your country’s scheme.

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