Sherry Marcus to headline at World Summit AI Americas

Posted by World Summit AI on Mar 17, 2023 11:34:11 AM
She was a founding member of the science board at the National Counter Terrorism Center, is an advisory board member of the Allen Institute, has received the technical medal of excellence from the Central Intelligence Agency and will be covering two of the hottest topics in AI right now; Generative and Responsible AI. 
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AI Music: Taehyun Kim talks composition, copyright and challenges in music modelling

Posted by World Summit AI on Mar 16, 2023 5:09:50 PM
Facing the next great musical frontier, Taehyun Kim, Chief Strategy Officer at POZAlabs tells us all about the possibilities and challenges ahead for AI and music and what it all means for people who aren't traditionally adept at music composition...
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Yoshua Bengio will Headline the World Summit AI Americas Stage

Posted by World Summit AI on Feb 22, 2023 11:13:23 AM

In just two months, on 19-20th April, Yoshua Bengio will be Headlining at World Summit AI Americas in Canada's main high tech centre, the city of Montréal. 

Known as one of the original ‘Godfathers of AI’, Yoshua is recognized worldwide as one of the LEADING experts in artificial intelligence, most known for his pioneering work in deep learning, earning him the 2018 ACM A.M. Turing Award, “the Nobel Prize of Computing,” with Geoffrey Hinton and Yann LeCun.

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The major international players in AI gather in Montréal this April

Posted by World Summit AI on Feb 21, 2023 10:59:32 AM

Now in its fifth year, World Summit AI Americas will return to Montréal on 19th and 20th April 2023 and once again bring together global AI leaders from enterprise, big tech, startups, academia, law, government and investment to tackle the most burning AI issues and set the global AI agenda.

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The World Summit AI Americas Programme 2023 is Live

Posted by World Summit AI on Feb 17, 2023 10:35:28 AM

There's only 9 WEEKS TO GO until the global AI ecosystem gathers in Montréal for World Summit AI Americas (19th – 20th April, Montréal, Canada) and we are excited for you to deep dive into the 2023 Programme.

For its 5th edition, World Summit AI Americas returns for a bigger, better, bolder adventure through the realms of AI.

So…what’s new in 2023?

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World Summit AI Americas Welcomes Mila as Content Partner

Posted by World Summit AI on Feb 14, 2023 5:01:30 PM

Mila - Québec Artificial Intelligence Institute, the world’s largest deep learning research institute, is proud to announce its participation in World Summit AI Americas (19th – 20th April, Montréal, Canada) as content partner to the conference.  

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It’s time to face the future

Posted by World Summit AI on Feb 7, 2023 3:57:46 PM

We are next-level excited to announce that the Technology Futurist, Geopolitics Expert, Entrepreneur and Sci-Fi Novelist of the world renowned book Hacking Darwin, Jamie Metzl, will headline at World Summit AI 2023 - the world’s greatest AI stage (11th-12th October, Amsterdam).

It’s time to face the future

The next phase in human evolution is happening right now. And it’s not taking place, as many presume, in the digital sphere nor even our external reality but in the literal foundations of our innermost being: our DNA.

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Why Artificial intelligence doesn't exist…yet

Posted by World Summit AI on Feb 7, 2023 3:47:32 PM

We're thrilled to announce that Dr Luc Julia, Chief Scientific Officer, Renault Group, will be giving an exclusive Keynote on Day 1 at World Summit AI Americas on 19th-20th April in Montréal on the topic of ''Why Artificial intelligence doesn't exist…yet. 

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Get behind the biggest AI ideas that are coming to fruition

Posted by World Summit AI on Feb 6, 2023 11:51:37 AM

Get behind the biggest AI ideas that are coming to fruition at World Summit AI Americas (19th – 20th April 2023, Palais des congrès, Montréal). 

 >> Computational Collective Surgical Consciousness

Ozanan Meireles will chair and headline on the NEW Intelligent Health stage in partnership with SAIIL for the first time ever and share fascinating insights. Ozanan is a Surgeon at Massachusetts General Hospital; Director MGH Surgical Artificial Intelligence and Innovation Laboratory (SAIIL); Assistant Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School and will dive into Computational Collective Surgical Consciousness.

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AI Regulation is imminent: Does your business have an implementation strategy in place?

Posted by World Summit AI on Jan 23, 2023 2:49:16 PM

Responsible AI is no longer optional and it is critical that the use of AI should match our values and understanding of best practices.

Consumers and businesses are far more likely to use, trust, and engage with technology if they know it is developed and used responsibly. Companies that don't engage with AI responsibly are reporting lost revenue, lost customers or even legal fines and lawsuits.

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