Thinking Through How Automation Will Affect Your Workforce

Posted by Ravin Jesuthasan on Feb 28, 2019 5:26:29 PM

Today, executives have to cut through a lot of hype around automation. Leaders need a clear-eyed way to think about how these technologies will specifically affect their organizations. The right question isn’t which jobs are going to be replaced, but rather, what work will be redefined, and how? Based on our work with a number of organizations grappling with these issues, we’ve found that the following four-step approach can help.

1. Start with the work, not the “job” or the technology. 

Much work will continue to exist as traditional “jobs” in organizations, but automation makes traditional jobs more fluid and an increasing amount of work will occur outside the traditional boundaries of a “job.”

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Speaker Spotlight: Mason Victors, CPO and CTO at Recursion Pharmaceuticals

Posted by World Summit AI on Feb 28, 2019 4:39:34 PM

We've interviewed Mason VictorsCPO and CTO at Recursion Pharmaceuticals for you and asked his opinion on the most important things for businesses and humanity in relation to AI at the moment, what will be the next big areas of AI in the next 3 years and his biggest fear in relation to AI


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Press Release: Stradigi AI becomes founding partner of the 2019 World Summit Al in Montreal

Posted by Stradigi AI on Feb 28, 2019 1:26:59 PM


Montreal, February 26, 2019 – Stradigi AI, a leading artificial intelligence solutions provider, based in Montreal, has signed on as the founding partner of the World Summit AI which will be held at the St-James Theatre in Montreal on April 10 and 11 this year.

World Summit AI is an exclusive gathering of the major industry actors attended by more than 1,000 delegates and 60 geniuses who are disrupting the AI sector. The conference will offer two days of innovation and lively discussions on ethics in AI as well as solutions for businesses. It will also include hands-on and networking workshops and, above all, entertainment.

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What We Often Get Wrong About Automation

Posted by Ravin Jesuthasan on Feb 14, 2019 11:50:45 AM

When leaders describe how advances in automation will affect job prospects for humans, predictions typically fall into one of two camps. Optimists say that machines will free human workers to do higher-value, more creative work. Pessimists predict massive unemployment, or, if they have a flair for the dramatic, a doomsday scenario in which humans’ only job is to serve our robot overlords.

What almost everyone gets wrong is focusing exclusively on the idea of automation “replacing” humans. Simply asking which humans will be replaced fails to account for how work and automation will evolve. Our new book, Reinventing Jobs: A 4-Step Approach for Applying Automation to Work, argues that while automation can sometimes substitute for human work, it also more importantly has the potential to create new, more valuable, and more fulfilling roles for humans.

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How One Company Stopped Stupid Conversations with Their Customers

Posted by Jose A. Murillo on Feb 14, 2019 11:03:49 AM

Sensible conversations supported by artificial intelligence increased the efficiency rate of credit card cross-sell efforts by 82% at a Mexican bank.

Frank. Good morning! This is Frank from W Bank. May I speak with Ms. K?

Sandra (with a distraught voice). She is unavailable.


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Podcast: The ethics of artificial intelligence

Posted by McKinsey on Feb 14, 2019 11:00:25 AM

In this episode of the McKinsey Podcast, Simon London speaks with MGI partner Michael Chui and McKinsey partner Chris Wigley about how companies can ethically deploy artificial intelligence.


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REBOOT: Getting to AI We Can Trust

Posted by World Summit AI on Jan 10, 2019 3:41:31 PM

We’re pleased to announce that Gary Marcus will present a sneak preview of his new book  REBOOT: Getting to AI We Can Trust, co-authored with NYU computer scientist Ernie Davis (to be published by Pantheon in Fall 2019) at World Summit AI Americas taking place April 10-11 in Montreal, Canada. 

The book is a powerful critique of the current state of AI that calls for a rethink of the entire paradigm of AI and machine learning. 


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How AI boosts Industry profits and Innovation

Posted by Accenture on Jan 8, 2019 2:20:25 PM

Unleashing AI Power

The steady decline in business profitability across multiple industries threatens to erode future investment, innovation and shareholder value. Fortunately, a new factor of production—artificial intelligence (AI)—is emerging that can help kick-start profitability.


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Responsible AI: with opportunity comes responsibility - Accenture Insights

Posted by Accenture on Dec 17, 2018 9:26:41 PM
The AI revolution is here, and it's transforming global business. With over 72 percent of organizations having adopted AI, its rapid advancement brings about numerous ethical challenges. Explore the importance of an ethical and responsible AI deployment for the success of your business.

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Artificial Intelligence: The Next Big Disruptor?

Posted by Sidharth Balakrishna on Dec 11, 2018 11:32:46 PM

Read the latest article from Sidharth Balakrishna, Executive Board Director and CEO at The Essel (Zee) Group. 

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