A Closer Look at Artificial Intelligence in Education

Posted by World Summit AI on Oct 8, 2018 8:18:52 PM
Have you ever wondered what's happening with the education industry regarding artificial intelligence? 
Well, EDIA, a fast-growing education technology company based in Amsterdam, has recently published a 2018 edition, "State of Artificial Intelligence in Education" report. 
In the report, EDIA sheds light on the state of artificial intelligence (AI) in education. Artificial intelligence has already impacted different education sectors such as publishing, higher education, K-12 and education technology. The report shows how informed the education market is about AI, how much money is currently invested in AI and if education leaders think that there are benefits to implementing AI within their industry. Further, the report highlights the different set of challenges pertaining to why companies are not adopting AI right now or in the near future. The report also reveals different trends about AI that directly impact the education industry such as new global data privacy laws, blockchain and the decentralization changes in higher education. Lastly, the report will reveal what the next phase of AI will be in regards to education.

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ARTIFICIAL Intelligence - The New Wave of Digital Transformation

Posted by World Summit AI on Oct 6, 2018 6:15:18 PM

Infoholic Research is a global market research firm specializing in ICT, Chemical and Healthcare domains. Read below our Whitepaper - ARTIFICIAL Intelligence - The New Wave of Digital Transformation. 

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Why entire society should be involved in AI

Posted by World Summit AI on Oct 5, 2018 3:10:44 PM

Catelijne Muller, President of ALLAI Nederland

It has become my mantra over the past 1,5 years: We need a human-in-command approach to AI. And this does not refer to technical control alone: Humans can and should also be in command of if, when and how AI is used in our daily lives – what tasks we transfer to AI, how transparent it is, if it is to be an ethical player. After all, it is up to us to decide if we want certain jobs to be performed, care to be given or medical decisions to be made by AI, and if we want to accept AI that may jeopardise our safety, privacy or autonomy.

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XPRIZE + Innovative Tech

Posted by World Summit AI on Oct 2, 2018 9:53:04 PM

Devin Krotman, Director of the IBM Watson AI XPRIZE

It's been nearly 14 years since XPRIZE disrupted the space aviation landscape by awarding the $10 million Ansari XPRIZE. The winning technology from this competition kick-started today’s multi-billion-dollar commercial space industry. Not only was this a landmark moment for commercial space exploration, but this first XPRIZE established a proof point for how large crowd-sourced competitions can push technological boundaries. Flash forward to today and XPRIZE continues to pursue moonshots across a wide array of domains — everything from education and renewable energy to women’s safety and health.


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AI: The next step for optimizing your product and customer experience

Posted by Solvemate on Sep 19, 2018 4:49:44 PM

When selling any product, it’s important to consider your customers’ experience in comparison with other products or services—even if they’re completely unrelated.

“The last best experience anyone has anywhere,” writes IBM’s user experience expert Paul Papas, “becomes the minimum expectation for the experience they want everywhere.”

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AI: Your New Best Colleague or Employee

Posted by Solvemate on Sep 19, 2018 4:40:18 PM
AI is more than just a buzz word: In the workplace, we’re already seeing it affect major transformations.

Smart AI applications can automate some of the most tedious aspects of many professions. Because of that, it has the potential to improve both employees’ lives and a company’s bottom line.

Nevertheless, many people are still scared that AI will make many jobs redundant or prevent hires in the first place. We believe the opposite is true—and it helps to consider AI as a kind of employee itself.

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PRESS RELEASE: Organizations Are Gearing Up for More Ethical and Responsible Use of Artificial Intelligence, Finds Study

Posted by World Summit AI on Sep 19, 2018 2:00:03 PM
NEW YORK & SAN DIEGO; Sept. 18, 2018 – A new study shows that business leaders are taking steps to ensure responsible use of artificial intelligence (AI) within their organizations. Most AI adopters – which now account for 72 percent of organizations globally – conduct ethics training for their technologists (70 percent) and have ethics committees in place to review the use of AI (63 percent).
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Research Report - Critical mass: Managing AI’s unstoppable progress

Posted by Accenture on Sep 19, 2018 1:44:58 PM


  • We’re on the verge of a critical mass moment in artificial intelligence. Across every industry, organizations are encountering real success with AI on multiple fronts.
  • Organizations that have successfully deployed AI recognize the strong connection between AI and analytics. They also understand that as AI becomes more pervasive, it must be responsible.
  • The big challenge from now on? Managing AI’s unstoppable progress—personally, culturally, societally, and within businesses, governments and other organizations—to get more value, while keeping risks in check.
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Case study: A Global Trade Platform for Floriculture, Driven by Smart Data Applications

Posted by GoDataDriven on Sep 10, 2018 9:23:35 PM

For over one hundred years, Royal FloraHolland, its growers, and customers have been making the world a healthier and more beautiful place with flowers and plants. Every day, streamlined logistics and smart digital services ensure that 400,000 species of flowers and plants arrive at their worldwide destinations.

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Can AI help reduce the global wealth inequality?

Posted by World Summit AI on Sep 6, 2018 5:32:54 PM

Countries, like companies, are fighting to be the best in AI. 

 Whether San Francisco, or Amsterdam, London or Montreal, governments know that if they can position their big cities as the global AI epicentre, their national economy will grow exponentially.

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